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IBPA Staffed Exhibits

IBPA arranges for booth space at major book trade shows. IBPA member publishers may either opt to purchase multiple, full or shared booth space within the IBPA complex or show their titles within the IBPA cooperative booths.

See which shows IBPA will be attending this year.

View photos from the IBPA booth.

Individual Displays Within The IBPA Cooperative Booths

IBPA members' titles are displayed in a face-out, genre-specific area.

For domestic shows: The focus of the national shows is to give visibility to titles to trade buyers, to solicit orders for the titles, and to discuss titles with potential buyers. All members who meet the initial deadline date will be included in the IBPA on-site informational catalog, which will include book title, ISBN, price, distributors/wholesalers, company name, address, phone number, email and website address. In addition, this information will be listed on the IBPA website for one year. If any orders are written at the show, they will be forwarded directly to you at the end of the show. Reserve your space now!

For international shows: The focus of the international shows is to sell foreign rights. IBPA will negotiate up to the point of contractual signature; however, in most cases reading copies are requested, which is the first step toward obtaining international rights sales. All members who meet the deadline date will be included in the IBPA informational catalog. This catalog is arranged in genre-specific order and contains a brief (25-word) description of your title, information about your title and contact information for your company. The catalog is distributed to everyone who visits the IBPA booth. In addition, this information will be listed on the IBPA website for one year. Reserve your space now!

The shows attended annually by IBPA representatives are: Book Expo America - BEA (late May, early June); American Library Association - ALA (late June); the Frankfurt Book Fair (late September and October), the London Book Fair ( March), Public Library Association - PLA (every other March), Fall Regional Booksellers Shows. Additional shows may be added throughout the year.

At all shows, IBPA representatives staff the booth and may be assisted by any attending publishers on a space- and time-available basis.

What To Expect From The IBPA-Staffed Exhibits

For domestic shows:

At the BEA and Fall Regional Bookseller shows, orders will be written for specific titles; however, the major focus of the show is to present information for future ordering by booksellers; to talk with all attending booksellers who stop by the IBPA booth; to gather booksellers names and addresses for participating members' use; to discuss foreign rights with attending foreign publishers; to discuss potential subsidiary rights sales upon request. At the ALA and PLA, orders are rarely written since librarians must fill out multi-paged order forms and will not have these at the show. ALA is primarily an information-gathering show for the librarians, and IBPA will discuss all titles with specific librarians.

If you are able to work at the show in the IBPA cooperative booth, you will be able to learn the future interests of the buyers and gain insight into the decision-making process of the library and/or bookstore buyer. All information is presented to each participant as a multi-page report at the end of each.

  • Best case results: Orders and/or other types of sales.

  • Average results: Visibility and ordering information distributed to potential buyers.

  • Worst case results: Exposure to the market.


For international shows: IBPA will gather offers for translation rights into a specific language for your title or titles from international publishers. In some cases, distribution of the title into specific countries will also be requested.

  • Best case results: An offer will be made for your title.

  • Average results: Reading copies will be requested, which is the first step toward an offer.

  • Worst case results: Exposure to the market.

At the completion of each international show, a multi-page report listing all requests and contacts made is sent to each IBPA participant.

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