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Member Profiles

WBJ Press

I would be happy with my book if it only helped one person. As long as it continues to help others, it is a success for me.

Santa Monica Press

Don't even think about trying to handle the distribution yourself.


Plan well ahead. If you plan for June for the book to be out, Give yourself two extra months, and say it will be in August.

Scurlock Publishing Co., Inc.

Get a good editor.

Bette Daoust, Ph.D. - Blueprint Books

I like all aspects of publishing, particularly working with authors to achieve their dreams.

dancingink press

What do I like best about publishing?
Control - how the book looks, feels & smells.

Leticia Aguilar Studio

From the moment you begin the process of publishing, there is a big responsibility...

My Malaika (A branch of) Simba Publishing Company

Information is power, organization is crucial.

Black Penny Press

A successful title has a nice ring to it and makes you curious.

Addicus Books

Do your research before ever publishing a book.

ee publishing & productions, llc., the laugh-friendly company™

Success can be measured in so many ways.

Educare Press

Follow your passion. Make a plan and stick to it.

Para Publishing

Too many great ideas and not enough time.

Lotus Bloom Publishing

My work and personal life are very much intertwined.

Adventure House

Know your market, and don't try to expand beyond what you know well.

Lexicus Press

Spend money early on publicity.

Write Words, Inc.

Take classes. Be prepared.

Bright Ring Publishing, Inc.

My mission statement is “Bring good things to children.”

Next Stage Press

It's about creating life balance.

Maximum Potential, Inc.

If readers like the text – it’s successful.

Bridge House Books

Have your books professionally edited and re-edited. Do not scrimp on that.

The FingerTip Press

Take your best estimate of how long it’ll take to complete the first book project … and double it.

Sacred Path Publishing

Develop perseverance and faith in yourself.

Shepherd Canyon Books

Be sure you love your topic and your book because you will be working with it for years to come.

Flat Rock Publishing

I do dentistry to support my publishing habit.

GOCO Publishing

Know how you are going to market your book before you publish - otherwise you may end up with a garage full of books.

Sacred Meals

Really, the biggest challenge is having enough patience to get to the second printing!

Bridge to Dreams Publ.

Produce books that you feel passionate about, and don’t give up!

Bick Publishing House

Always, always, employ professionals to print, design interiors and covers, and edit and proof books.

American Legacy Media

Effective marketing is doing many things, many times, over many months or years. There is no magic bullet.

Paintbox Press

Challenge the status quo. There is more than one way to look at things.

Mystic Publishing

Look at it [publishing] as an adventure, constantly seek information and prepare to work hard at marketing/promotion. The actual publishing is the fun, easy part.

IBPA, the Independent Book Publishers Association
627 Aviation Way
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

phone: 310-372-2732 · fax: 310-374-3342

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